There are many essential oil enthusiasts and we can find numerous articles and Pinterest Pins that espouse the benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oils are used in everything from diffusers to soap. Some even ingest essential oils (Not recommended – can cause liver and kidney damage).

What does science have to say about these incredible claims of healing, relaxation, and anti-bacterial benefits?

It seems that science is slow to investigate much in the way of holistic health. There are very few studies about the effects of aromatherapy. Many of the studies I did find had negative conclusions.

Before we get to that

As said before, science is slow to embrace holistic wellness, meditation, reiki and similarly aromatherapy. For example, science is just now starting to accept that mindful meditation has benefits as well as other heretofore unacknowledged facts about the mind and consciousness discovered through spiritual practices.

I digress of course but only to point out that while you and I may be aware of many specific benefits to aromatherapy, science measures things through a filter of objectivity, meaning that our subjective experiences with essential oils mean little or nothing to science.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

According to several scientific studies, aromatherapy has little or no benefit aside from possible anti-bacterial, antiviral properties.


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Here are some obvious benefits that science didn’t uncover.

Essential oils smell great! How can we diminsh the value of our olfactory system by insisting it can’t be quantified objectively? It’s difficult to imagine that pleasant smells have no effect on mood.

Certain aromas are beneficial during meditation

Like the vibration of a singing bowl, certain fragrances trigger a higher vibration during sitting meditation that helps us achieve a deeper state.

Do you use essential oils during meditation?



If we can accept a meridan system throughout the body that can be blocked with tension and negative emotion, we should also be able to agree that certain pleasant aromas can alleviate tension thus allowing the natural flow of energy through our meridians.

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What is your experience with aromatherapy, Hokum or Healing?