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How to Meditate2022-03-10T17:57:15-05:00

Want to stop looking for answers and start the meditation?


Meditation will improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

You’ll notice greater ability to focus and concentrate.

Enjoy fewer stress-related illnesses, including high blood pressure and heart disease.


Frequently Asked

How do I Meditate?2020-10-28T17:45:27-04:00

‘How do I meditate?’ is the number one question about meditation. There are many meditation types and techniques.

Want to begin meditation?

Here’s the simplest way:

  1. Find a comfortable position to sit with your back straight.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Notice the breath as it enters and exits your body through your nose. Feel the sensation.
  4. When thoughts, feelings, or sensations arise, acknowledge them, let them go, and return your focus to your breathing.
  5. Repeat.

Start with meditation for 5–15mins per day. Gradually increase your meditation time up to an hour. Meditate in the morning, afternoon, or evening. As often as you like. Just try to be consistent and meditate daily.


What’s the Goal2020-10-28T17:58:09-04:00

Another popular question. What’s the goal?

Often, the real question is: “How Do I Quiet My Mind?” Many believe that’s the goal of meditation.

Meditation is about learning to “be” as we are. Not as we wish to be, not with a quieted mind.  But with the mind, thoughts, feelings, and sensations we have.

Be the observer of your mind and body as it is.

Meditations benefits come through acceptance.

I Can’t Focus During Meditation2020-10-28T17:52:55-04:00

Watching your mind run in circles can be very frustrating.

This is normal for those new to meditation. Over time, with practice, your mind will become more peaceful. You should never make this a goal of your meditation though, it will only frustrate you.

If you have underlying conditions like anxiety, PTSD, etc. try a guided meditation. Perhaps a sound meditation, like crystal bowls.

Here is a helpful e-book for those with a racing mind.

Racing Mind Ebook

Want to get some super simple shortcuts for your meditation practice?


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