This past year has been so freakin’ far from typical that we’re begging for something workaday. It’s no wonder you’re feeling a bit OFF. Maybe even STRESSED, ANXIOUS, or DEPRESSED.

We need a break!

As if dropping the ball will change our misery, we’re all chanting

Come on, 2021!

We can’t do anything about all the crazy, but we can help you deal with this B.S.

Here’s how

Join Our MBCT group.

Are you wondering what MBCT is?

I hope you answered yes.

Learn how to truly self-help

Have you ever wondered why the slightest insult can force steam to gush out all your orifices?

Want more Zen?

Or how about the tilt-a-whirl you like to call your life? Spinning and rolling, up and down. Running in endless frustrating loop-e-loops!

Want off?

And NO, getting out of bed at 3:00 in the afternoon is NOT normal.

It’s time to take your life by the antlers.

Seems a lot less scary than horns, doesn’t it? Maybe you see an image of Bambi, when I say antlers instead of horns. Making the possibility of healing seem much less herculean! Right? :)

Change really doesn’t have to be so difficult. We won’t spend years looking under the rocks of your past. And we won’t ask you to Share your Feelers either.

You’ll spend eight weeks learning and practicing how to turn your life into fluffy, dreamy happiness instead of a ghoulish, terrifying, nightmare.

Seriously though,

Here’s what you’ll learn


Let’s Move Forward

We Won't Cry About the Past

The Etheria Thrive Group isn't about getting in touch with our feelings or sharing things that we can't change. It's about learning how to live the life you've always wanted. So, we'll leave the past where it belongs and show you a new way forward using techniques that you can access anytime you need to accomplish whatever you want. Whether that's better relationships, more time to go fishing, or shopping, greater financial success, or a new career, you'll have the tools to make it happen.

Class Schedule

This class meets once per week for 8 weeks

The classes will last approximately 1.5 hours each.

Each lesson and the corresponding exercises will be available for download and the instructor is available to answer any questions that you may have outside of class. So you never have to worry about missing a class ! Atlthough attendance is important to get the best results.

About the Class

Based on MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

This group workshop takes the incredible benefits of mindfulness along with cognitive reframing and other techniques into a group forum that benefits all participants at a lower cost. Each session will have the following components: . Q/A - Questions and answers about the program, homework assignments, and practices. . Theory / lecture - A short presentation of the purpose, and mechanics of the weeks techniques, worksheets, and practices. .Examples - Examples of how to do the at home exercises and discussion around any questions etc.

The Etheria Thrive Group Workshop requires your participation. Much of the benefit of this class will be in ‘doing’ the practices and exercises. You will  need to commit at least an hour per day to the out of class activities to truly benefit from the program.


Private Sessions also Available