We are often aware of what we need to do in order to become more healthy, it’s those first few steps that tend to trip us up. A supportive, knowledge led community can make all the difference to your success as you begin a new health regimen.

Etheria Wellness offers a variety of health programs that enrich lives. From diet & weight loss to disease prevention and management, we offer group and individual programs that  support your health goals.

The Brevard Florida Healthy Living Meetup

Our resident BSN, Melissa, offers regular meetings that range from diet and exercise to managing certain health issues such as: CHF, Heart disease, Diabetes, and more …

View the Meetup page to find and attend a meeting that interests you.

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Health Coaching / Nurse Consultations

Sometimes we need a little personal attention in order to really understand how to achieve our health goals. You don’t have to do it alone, we have one-on-one programs that help you achieve that desired weight loss, manage your chronic disease, or learn more about specific health issues and concerns.

You can schedule a consultation with our BSN, Melissa, to discuss your personal needs.

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