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How to have Great Relationships With Anxiety

Relationship Hope for Those Suffering with Anxiety

Anxiety in relationships can be a cyclonic affair. Spun by intense feelings of love and panic, you enjoy immense highs and devastating lows.

An anxious mind creates heartbreaking stories. A cheating partner who used to care, has bags packed, running for the door. When fear pecks, you’ll need extra assurance. Which further flames worry about the demand you lay on your mate. Over time, your fear becomes justified, your loved one burdened with tension and wariness.

This ride is long, bumpy, and scary. You want off.

Relationship after relationship, always the same result. You wonder why this happens, when you love so deeply and have so much to offer?

You might be a little imperfect,  but still a catch… Right?

You are a catch! But your anxiety causes stress for others, too. Empathy for your partner can be the motivation needed to make some changes.

But what can you do?

Let’s start with thoughts

You’re not your thoughts; you’re the observer of thought.

When you stop “being your thoughts” you gain the power to change your reaction to emotions.

What Does That Mean, Exactly?

Notice a thought and don’t follow it, let the thought pass by. Dismissing a thought removes its power to trigger you emotionally.

Think about that for a second, imagine the benefit. If you had one of those heartbreaking thoughts about your partner we mentioned above and you could ignore it. What would that look like? How much could that improve your connection?

Learn to notice your thoughts and then replace negative, unhelpful thought with what you know is true.

You can help your relationship by dismissing the thoughts we mentioned above and instead remember that your partner is faithful, loves you, and cares about your relationship.

Controlling your thoughts will take practice, but it’ll also help you be more secure in the relationship, requiring less support from your partner.

This one change will improve your connection TONS.

You’ll be more comfortable & secure and that means a happier partner too. When you’re not tangled in stressful thoughts, you’ll be more available, more present. Less need for assurance will also reduce your dependence and that extra tension.

Try it, your relationship will thank you!

Look for more insightful articles on this topic, soon.

Watch Your Thoughts

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