Relationship Hope for Those Suffering with Anxiety

Is your relationship crumbling?

Spun by love and panic, you feel immense highs and devastating lows.

A long and tortuous ride. Relationship after relationship ends in agonizing loss.

You might be a little imperfect,  but you deserve more… Right?

You deserve so much more.

Here’s what you can do

Let’s start with thoughts

Repeat after me: I’m not my thoughts; I’m the observer of thought.

When you stop “being your thoughts” you gain the power to change how feelings affect you.

Let me explain

If you notice a thought and let it pass by, you remove it’s power to trigger you emotionally.

Think about that for a second and imagine the benefit. How could this improve your life?

Here’s more

Learn to notice your thoughts and then replace negative, unhelpful thought with what you know is true.

For example

You can help your relationship when you dismiss unhelpful thoughts and remember that your partner is faithful, loves you, and cares about your relationship.

Managing your thoughts will take practice, but it’ll help you be more secure in the relationship, requiring less support from your partner.

This change will improve your connection TONS. You’ll be more comfortable & secure and that means a happier partner.

When you’re not tangled in stressful thoughts, you’ll be more available, more present. Which means you can be more loving and intimate.

So you can truly enjoy your relationship.

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