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Possibly the most impactful activity in which we can take part, meditation changes us at our core. It’s more than a brief respite, it’s connecting to our true selves. From guided meditations that take you deep into your happy place to mindful exercises that change how you interact with your experience.

We offer programs that help you start a meditation practice.

Meditate to mindful and guided meditations.

Explore techniques to bring greater awareness to your meditation and get answers to any questions that you have.

Learn Meditation

Deal with problems during meditation such as the wandering, racing mind.

If you have difficulty with too many thoughts, wandering, or racing mind, you aren’t alone. This workshop is for those who want a little break from their thoughts and learn how to focus in life and in meditation.

Wandering Mind Workshop

Guided Meditation

Visual imagery meditation can help reduce our stress level, especially after a long and tiring day.

We have several different meditations that you can participate in, including a forest walk, walk on the beach, etc. The guided meditation is currently part of our relaxation hour, where we offer a refreshing drink, diffusion of essential oils and other relaxing activities.

Relax & Guided Meditation