It’s normal to feel a little anxious prior to your first Reiki session. Not knowing what to expect can increase this anxiety as your mind speculates about what is going to happen. Reiki itself is not new to you, Reiki is the source energy that surrounds and runs through us.

About Reiki

Reiki originated in Japan and effectually reduces stress while promoting relaxation and healing. It is performed by channeling life force energy from the Reiki practitioner to the patient. The patient is actually in control of the healing as their subconscious guides the Reiki energy to the parts of their body that are ready to heal. In this regard, the Reiki practitioner simply acts as a conduit for the healing energy.

What to Expect from the Reiki practitioner

Healing sessions will vary in approach and duration depending on the practitioner. A Reiki session might be performed by an individual or by a group. In either case, the treatment will normally start with a clearing of your aura. This is done as a simple sweeping motion with the practitioner’s hands held about 4 inches away from your body starting at your crown and commencing with your feet.

The practitioner will then begin using several hand positions to channel Reiki energy to different areas of your body, starting at your head. Some practitioners will touch these points in your body, while others may keep their hands positioned a few inches from your body. As the practitioner performs reiki you might feel many different sensations or even experience certain emotions. It’s best to relax to whatever occurs allowing the energy to do its’ work.

What you may feel, experience

Many people report feeling the release of tension as energy channels through certain parts of the body. Others feel a tingling or vibrating sensation that may be localized or cover the entire body. You might continue to feel residual results over a few days after the treatment. As energy blocks are removed you may notice improved mood, flexibility, reduced tension in the body. You may also notice that you are more relaxed, at peace, and energized.

Once you’ve completed your first Reiki session we are sure that you’ll agree that is was well worth your time. You might even find yourself going back for more, over and over again.